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The Business of Music, Art, and Design

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About the Magazine

The publication is a swirl of my passion for and underpinned by my experience in Music, Art, Design, and Business. The aim is to network with and introduce readers to a wide range of creatives, shedding light on how they carve out careers and forge businesses.

This magazine is for people who care about the intersection between creative and commercial.

It may be that you are an artist who finds it necessary to turn your eye to business processes, or a trader wanting to inject more creativity into the day-to-day. Either way, I hope to inspire you with stories, interviews, images, and ideas.

At this early stage of the magazine’s life, the release is a monthly digital offering, and a quarterly hard copy.

I write about my own business journey each month in the digital zine, so please visit the Editor’s Notes for some up close and personal sharing.

Bless your cotton socks for reading, and feel free to contact me via

Anthea Palmer